Defending public health and our right to a safe, healthy food system and a clean environment.

Public Health is under attack by out-of-control scientists, corporations, media giants, and politicians. Your right to safe, healthy food, a stable climate, and a clean environment is under attack. Chemical and pesticide manufacturers, scientists weaponizing viruses and bacteria, industrial factory farm corporations, and junk food manufacturers are piling up profits at your expense. With billions of dollars to spend on influencing politicians and policy, corporations are able to skirt and rewrite laws that were supposed to protect you.

Our job is to defend your rights. Here's how:

  • Consumer education. The more consumers know about the benefits of healthy food produced using responsible farming practices, the more they'll choose to support those products and producers. And when they do, they have an impact on the marketplace. The organic sector is growing because informed consumers are demanding better food.
  • Legal work. Many corporations will make false product claims, and market unsafe and unhealthy products, as long as they can get away with it. We take those corporations to court and force them to be more transparent, and more accountable to consumers.
  • Policy work. Like it or not, policy and food are intertwined. An FDA policy decision approved GMO salmon. The NIH and the Pentagon fund dangerous lab experiments, claiming these experiments are necessary for biodefense or drug and vaccine research. A federal policy decision is responsible for preempting states' rights to require labels on GMO foods. The Farm Bill is a $867-billion policy document that provides subsidies to wealthy farmers growing GMO crops, but discriminates against small independent farmers who grow food responsibly. We mobilize voters to pressure their legislators to do better. And to vote out those policymakers who support bad food and farming policy.

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