Minneapolis is hurting. Here's how to help. 

mural of George Floyd on a wall near the site of his murder

Minneapolis has been devastated by the murder of George Floyd, which occurred at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. The city is trying to recover from the impact this injustice is having on our entire community.

Supporters of the Organic Consumers Association have shown their generosity before. Now, we're asking you to look at this worthy project, which consists of assembling COVID-19 related care packages of medicine, personal protection equipment + food for community members in need.

The fund and all donated supplies will support the creation of the Twin Cities Mutual Aid Society, an organization formed to deliver aid and support to the Minneapolis & St. Paul black community. ❤️ 

​In the aftermath of the Twin Cities rebellion, which started a national movement demanding justice for the murder of George Floyd, massive protests have occurred, in spite of the possibility that protestors could contract COVID-19. 

Many of the protestors have likely been exposed to COVID-19. And t
he data surrounding COVID-19 shows that Black people who contract the virus are more likely to have negative outcomes. 

To prepare for this crisis, organizers of the Twin Cities Mutual Aid Society are collecting donations of money and supplies. Some of the money will be used to create wellness kits which include traditional/alternative medicines and other immune-support products, such as electrolyte powder packets and vitamins. Other items will include a thermometer and PPE (masks, gloves, etc) as available. Two types of kits are being created: 1 ) Activate: this pack will include products that activate the immune system; and  2) Support - this pack will include items to help manage the symptoms of COVID-19. 

Funds will also be used to offer small stipends to outreach workers that will distribute the packs throughout the Twin Cities.

YES! I want to help.

Payment Information

We use a secure server to process your donation. But if you prefer to donate by phone with your credit card, please call (218) 226-4164. Or mail a check to: Organic Consumers Association; 6771 South Silver Hill Drive; Finland, MN, 55603