Never has our work been more urgent. 

corona virus COVID19

When the suffering subsides, what lessons will we take away from the COVID-19 crisis? Will we return to business as usual? Or will we do everything in our power to minimize the potential for another global pandemic, possibly worse than this one?

COVID-19 has taught millions of people what was already obvious to you: That we need strong local and regional food systems. We need nutrient-dense foods that strengthen our immune systems. We need policies that support organic regenerative farmers and ranchers—not the industrial factory farm system that is a breeding ground for pathogens and, scientists warn, more pandemics to come.

The recent global pandemic has revealed the urgent need for a healthcare system that focuses on prevention and natural health. And it's shown the critical importance of access to healthcare for all, including our farmers, farmworkers and all food system workers. 

It's not just our food system that is destroying our health and making us more vulnerable to disease. It's our entire environment, weakened by pesticide contamination, by the loss of biodiversity so essential to a healthy ecosystem.

With your help, we have always fought for a healthy food system and a strong, clean environment. Now, more than ever, we need your financial support so we can turn this tragedy into a powerful movement for change.

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